One of my best childhood experiences was attending the GLM held at the CEF Center in 2008. It was such a fun experience! My favorite song was “Be a Missionary Every Day.” I loved marching to that song and I still do. I also loved the “country visit” part where we got to travel to different countries. Germany was one of them.

Thinking about it now, I realized God is so amazing! He slowly built my heart for missions. Aside from all the learning and fun that I had, the best part was getting to meet and become friends not just with other teens but with the CEF teachers and facilitators. I never imagined that now I get to work with them in the task of reaching boys and girls.

Growing up, I aspired to do missions cross-culturally. Somehow, I still do. But as I started doing missions in my neighborhood, I saw that there’s so much work to do here, especially after my Dad, the area director, passed away in 2019, leaving the ministry to my Mom.

As a full time worker right now, I am so blessed to work hand in hand with my mother, helping her not only to reach lost little ones but also with training Christian teachers. How I praise our God for calling me to this wonderful, challenging and exciting ministry, and for giving me a heart and burden for the little ones.

All glory belongs to our God!

Jimelou Cortez
CEF Agusan del Norte

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