I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1979 during a 5-Day Club of the Church of the Nazarene near my home in Bo. Obrero, Davao City. It was Pastora Nena Nonan, a CEF-trained worker, who led me to the Lord. I was 13 then. Soon, I became active in the GNC hosted by a neighbor in her backyard. I started to attend church services every Sunday and began to love reading God’s Word daily. My desire was to serve God and become a Pastor someday.

In the summer of 1982, I attended the CYIA camp hosted by CEF Davao. Soon after, I started to teach children in the neighborhood and volunteered to teach Religious Instruction Classes (now ESVEC) in public schools. I attended Bible School in 1984 and joined CEF Davao as a full-time worker after attending the LTI (now CMI) in 1987. In December 1990, I married my lovely wife Fidela and after four years of marriage I was assigned to CEF Pagadian where I served for 11 years as area director. My family went back to Davao, my hometown, when I was granted a study leave. I then joined CEF Davao as person in charge of promotions in March 2005.

The following year, the Lord opened CEF Davao District 2 and I was assigned to pioneer work in line with the vision of Pastor Joel Indico, then national director, of spreading the work of CEF Philippines by expansion through division.

Today, I still work with CEF Davao 2 and am an active member of Davao City Ministers Fellowship where my mentor, my spiritual mother, is also a member. I am so proud to work with Pastora Nena Nonan, reaching children in Davao City until Jesus comes. To God be the glory!

Ariel Gomez
CEF Davao City 2

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