I was first introduced to the ministry of CEF when I was 14. I was starting out as a new Sunday school teacher then with no training at all except for a desire to teach children. I came across a CEF magazine with lessons in it, and I just followed along and presto, I had a lesson to teach! Who would have thought that 43 years later I would serve as a volunteer with this organization?

Since training is my passion, I had to be equipped to be the best I can be in children’s ministry. TCE 1, one of the courses I took with CEF gave me a jumpstart in ministering to children and the rest is history.

In 2011, I went back to PBTS to finish my masters of Christian Education degree. Speaking in chapel one time, I shared about my ministry with children. After chapel, Sis. Nancy Castro excitedly approached me and shared her burden to reorganize CEF in Baguio. She recruited me to join the local committee, appointing me as the chairperson.

When I first attended TCE 1 in 2011, I came to better appreciate the ministry of training teachers. I attended IOT 1 course in Antipolo in November 2013 and took God’s challenge of leading CEF Baguio when Sis. Nancy moved out. Eventually, in 2017, I had to turn over the ministry to Sis. Juvy Macatulad, also a committee member then, but I continued to be part of the CEF Baguio-Benguet support team.

Recently, I had the joy of attending the CEF 2022 National Conference and 70th Anniversary celebration on Zoom. It was a blessed time serving as the emcee. I was enriched by the lectures and messages by the speakers, and blessed by the area reports of my fellow volunteers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

CEF 2022 National Conference and 70th Anniversary celebration on Zoom

It was a time well spent. I pray one day we can all meet face to face.

Deborah Madrid

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