In 2012 to 2013, Teacher Ems came to La Opinion to teach me and my friends in a 5-Day Club. It was there that I received Christ as my Lord and Savior. I can still remember how we were taught about Jesus and about what He did for us. I used to gamble with other kids on the streets. We played Bingo and I often betted P20 or as much as P100 that I’d asked my parents for. At first, I didn’t have a full grasp of the decision I’d made, but little by little God showed me what it means to live for Jesus.

Jempol on the right in blue shirt.

Inspired by how Teacher Ems taught us effectively, I decided to take the TCE 1 course the moment our Pastora informed us about it. I also want to reach the children in our community and share the Gospel with them.

Currently at 22 years of age, I am serving the Lord as an administrative Pastor at Storehouse for All Nations Ministries, Inc. My friends and I used to be the ones being taught, but now, nine years later, it’s us who teach the children and the youth.

What a blessing it is to know Jesus and make Him known!

Jempol Lanuzga
Camarines Sur

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