Charles Spurgeon wrote, “My conviction is that our converts from among children are among the best that we have. I should judge them to have more numerously genuine than any other class, more constant, and in the long run more solid.”

The Lord be praised with how the students are responding to God’s Word and have received Jesus, the Messiah…

How true in the life of Mrs. Mayeth Bandojo, a local committee member of CEF Lanao. As a ten-year-old, she came to know the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior when a CEF volunteer teacher from Mansilingan First Baptist Church in Bacolod shared with her the message of salvation through the Wordless Book and Gospel gloves. That experience made a difference in her life. Years later in 2007, having left Bacolod to settle down in Iligan City, the Lord led her back to CEF. This time as a teacher of children in the public school through our ESVEC and GNCs in the community. Currently, she is teaching values classes for Grade Five pupils at South 1—A Central School in Tubod, Iligan City where majority of the students are “Ms”. The Lord be praised with how the students are responding to God’s Word and have received Jesus, the Messiah as their personal Savior. Meanwhile, as educator at Bethany Christian Academy, she spends her spare time to reach kids in the school. With all these commitments, we are grateful that she can also actively participate in the local committee of CEF Lanao del Norte. For Mrs. Bandojo, giving back to God what He has given her is her little way of saying “thank you, Lord”. What she has received from the Lord through CEF, she wants to give it back through CEF
as well

Adapted from CEF-Philippines Newsletter
January-March 2008

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