Pastor Joel Indico invited me to join CEF back in the early ‘80s when he spoke at a training event at Basa Gospel Church, Floridablanca, Pampanga. I found out then that an American missionary serving with our church was using CEF materials. When I attended the LTI in 1982, I realized that the children I had been teaching for many years had never been led to the Lord Jesus! It was only during that training event that I learned how to teach a Bible lesson and give an invitation to receive Christ.

One of the children I had the privilege of ministering to since her preschool days was Jingle Carolino (now Ayupan). She was an only child. Her Mom was a believer but her father was not. On Sundays, she would go to church with her mother. They were actively involved in the choir, in Bible studies and in the prayer meeting. Her father was a military man. The only time they could catch up with each other was on Sundays and he resented it when they came home late from church.

I realized that the children I had been teaching for many years had never been led to the Lord Jesus!

When Jingle told me about this I said, “Don’t worry! Let’s hold a GNC at your house!” And so, we did and it lasted for several years. I learned that her father listened to our lessons so I invited him to attend a church banquet. He got to hear the Gospel message that night. He passed away shortly after. Jingle is happy that before her father died, he came to know Jesus.

Jingle continued attending the home GNC and grew, both spiritually and physically. She studied to be a nurse and her family joyfully serves the Lord with the Filipino Community of Faith in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

Nancy Castro
CEF Capas, Tarlac

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