Results are amazing if we can guide Christians to clearly present the Gospel to children. I was in high school in Davao City when I became an assistant Sunday school teacher. That is when I started teaching children. Right after my high school graduation, I was trained for two weeks by Miss Evangeline Junker, a CEF missionary at that time. I learned how to share the Gospel using the Wordless Book, how to help children commit Bible verses to memory, and how to tell Bible lessons.

My experience led me to proceed further in learning God’s Word because as I was teaching children around the city, adults would ask me about the Bible and about what I’d been teaching the children. So that same year, I went to a Bible college in Zamboanga. Then, after finishing at the Bible college in 1972, I joined CEF Davao City as a fulltime worker. It was short-lived however because after two years, I got married and moved to South Cotabato. I never stopped teaching children in public schools using CEF materials though.

I praise God for the joy of leading my own five children to the Lord when they were young, and today, they are all serving Him. When my husband and I moved to Palawan to plant a church in 1993, I opened a kindergarten with the goal of teaching the Gospel to children. Many of our former students are young Christian professionals today, serving the Lord too. Wherever I go, CEF and its Bible lessons are with me; I have never stopped teaching. At 71, I am still with CEF in Palawan. Praise Him for His grace!

Pastora Julia Montealegre

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