I am Filipino but I was born and raised in Malaysia. That is where my mother went to work and where she met my father. Despite spending the first ten years of my life in an “M” community, I grew up observing strong traditional Christian values.

My family returned to the Philippines for good in 2000. I personally experienced a breakthrough in my faith when the Lord sent Kuya Ramil (area director – CEF Valencia) and Ate Jerlie Auza to our home. They conducted a GNC in our family compound for five years. I remember being amazed with how dramatically they told Bible stories and how passionately they talked about God, the God that I never knew.

One day, in the back of my mind, I realized, “Is this really how big God’s love is for me?”. Through this simple yet meaningful event, God developed in my heart a desire to know Him more and follow Him. Today I am fulltime Pastor, ESVEC teacher, a former school chaplain, and a part-time music teacher.

I thank the Lord for using CEF and the GNC teachers as blessings to young children!

Pastor Jay Mark Cruz-Jangad
South Cotabato

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