It was four years ago when I came to this church in Brgy. Dalig, Cardona, Rizal. Since that time, our average attendance on Sundays had been 20 to 30 people.

The atmosphere was dry, lonely and we were financially struggling. Until CEF came to our church this year through Bro. Ruther, Oro and company offering us with a training for 5-Day Club.

The training was a success and we had our 5-Day Club. During the first two days of club, we noticed this dirty, misbehaved boy, with no slippers and no hair. He was running all over the place, distracting the classes and the other children. But when the teacher gave the invitation and led the children in the sinner’s prayer, he was among those who prayed.

He is Archie Arevalo, 12 years old. He has not been to school and was known in the neighborhood for being a mischievous, run-away kid. When he came back that afternoon, he was different. Right away, he offered to help when he saw me feeding my chickens. Since then, he came to my house every day. He ate with us and we taught him how to clean himself. Noticeably, he no longer cursed and swear as he used to.

Sometime after, a missionary friend from Singapore arrived and conducted a seminar for a school ministry. When he gave the altar call, Archie was one of those who went to the front. He was crying hard as the Pastor prayed for him. More changes became evident in Archie. We dedicated him to the Lord and named him John Archie Casimiro (my name). I am now working on his adoption papers. Because of his changed life, his mother and siblings started coming to church. And so were other people from the neighborhood. God’s tremendous blessings came upon our church soon after that. We continue to expect great things from God knowing that He who begun a good work in us will be faithful to complete it. All Glory to God! This all started when CEF came to our church. Thank you CEF for your passion for the little ones. You have truly made a difference in the life of Archie and our church!

Pastor Jay Casimiro
Adapted from CEF-Philippines Newsletter October-December 2012

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