It was the God-Man film and the Wordless Book introduced by some people at our school in 2007 where I first heard about Jesus who can be my Lord and Savior. That moment, I clearly understood I had sinned and that I need Jesus. After that we were asked to pray to accept Him. I did so, but my classmates and I were teasing each other at that time. However, what I heard and did that day made an impression on my heart. Right away when I arrived home, I opened a Bible, which marked the start of my journey in following God.

When I became a teen, God used several instances to affirm the decision I’d made when I was younger, and He directed my footsteps to a local church. However, due to that church’s distance from my home, I transferred to a nearer church after about two years. What’s funny is that it was a non-believer classmate who told me about this church. Who would have thought this would be God’s way of using me in the same ministry He used to draw me to Him?

In 2014, the Pastora at my new church attended TCE 1 and when she came back, she told us of the need of CEF for people for its ESEC ministry. The team would visit schools in the country to bring the message of salvation through the God-Man film and the Wordless Book. Since Pastora could not join, she asked some of us youth if we could. By God’s grace, I’m one of those who said yes. I joined the team that year and was an ESEC volunteer almost every school year until 2019. Then in 2020, I joined the national office as a full-time worker, serving with the literature department. What a blessing it is to be reaching children for Jesus in the organization which reached me too!

Jester Romero
CEF National Office

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